This is a comment we here almost everyday. With all of the assembly line travel booking sites, most people just assume that the travel agent is as extinct as the T-Rex. Well, that’s not true at all. As a matter of fact, Travel Agents all over the planet are thriving. Just like the above, there are many misconceptions about your friendly neighborhood travel specialist. Let’s discuss a few…

How can they compete? 

Such a great question. Do you realize that travel vendors, like Disney, Carnival Cruise Lines, and even Delta Airlines, pay commissions to anyone outside of their organization who books their services. That’s right, Gnomes and Captain Obvious both work for companies who collect commissions from vendors, airlines, and resorts…just like your local travel agent. As a matter of fact, the big boys actually make higher commissions off of you because of the volume they are doing. To make matters worse, you’re doing all the work.

Perception is not reality:

It may seem as if the big travel sites can save you additional money because they have reduced the travel process down to you doing all of the work, but that’s just not true. We regular mom and pop travel agents can get the same competitive rates as the big guys. Plus, we’re going to save you time, and give you expert advise…which definitely has a value all to itself.

Food For Thought:

If I came to you and said, “Hey! why don’t plan your own wedding, but still pay a wedding planner? The planner isn’t going to give you any planning advice, or work to help plan the wedding. They do have a nifty website with a few planning tools, but it definitely isn’t a comprehensive guide.” Would you do it? Probably not, right?  You’d be smart not to…especially when you can get the advice and planning services for the same rate.

But, I can book the same trip on my own without a travel agent.

Sure you can book your own trip, but it may not be comparable to what an agent can get for you. In many cases, you actually give up a great deal.

For one thing, most travel agents specialize in certain types of travel, and/or certain destinations. They provide you with real world experience, expert advice, and a personal perspective on your destination and accommodations.

For example, we here at specialize in Disney and family related travel. We are real people who are subject matter experts when it comes to Disney and family vacations. We have children, frequent the parks, and we know the best times of year to go. We also know the best times of day to avoid lines, and we know the best places to eat.  That is experience that some cold dark website or booking direct will not allow to tap into…and it doesn’t cost you one dime more to book with us. We also specialize in cruises and tours, and actually maintain a totally different website dedicated to those areas of leisure travel.

In addition to being specialists, Travel Agents will match your needs and wants properly. If you call Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines directly, they’re never going to tell you that Norwegian Cruise Lines would actually be a better fit for you and your family.  Since we travel agents sell various types of travel and have access to various vendors and travel service providers, we’re going to focus on YOUR needs and wants. We want to make sure that you are matched to the proper accommodations.

So, what?

Well, hopefully you can now see that we aren’t extinct, and as a matter of fact, we can help make your vacation one for the ages. We want you to have a stress free, good time, and unlike those big travel conglomerates and vendors, we want to get to know you. In other words, we’re still here forming long lasting relationships with our clients.

So, let’s go somewhere and have some fun!