Cruising is fun! Cruising is great! You can make it even better by ensuring that you are packing exactly what you need…no more no less. In this article, I’ll fill you in on everything you need to pack for your upcoming cruise in general. A well packed suitcase makes for a much more enjoyable cruise vacation

  1. Bring clothing and shoes that match your activities.

Before you begin packing for your cruise, take a look at the ship’s itinerary. Where are you going? What excursions have you booked at your ports of call? Are you relaxing on a beach or are you zip lining through a jungle somewhere? Are you hiking the Mayan Ruins, or just sitting a bar or restaurant for the day? You need to consider whether if you’re attending any formal dining functions while on the ship. All this matters as cabins generally have limited space, and you want to pack smart.

Things to consider when packing clothing and shoes:

  • Are you going swimming? If so, pack bathing suits and cover ups.
  • Hiking or beach? Be sure to grab those comfy hiking shoes or tennis shoes for hiking. If you’re like me, you’re always going to have your flip flops.
  • Formal Night? Your “Sunday Best” is generally appropriate, but if you’re bringing a tux or ball gown, you’re going to need a way to keep it pressed.

2. Bring a Backpack, Fanny pack, or Tote: 

Not only are they great to have when you first board the ship..for a change of clothes or other items you may need before your cabin is ready… a backpack or tote is very handy when you leave the ship for shore excursions. You’ll want something to carry your beach items in, passports or other boarding documents, towels, sunscreen, and anything else you may need while away from the boat. Plus, a bag also comes in handy to store those items you purchased at the cruise port. It’s a whole lot easier to just toss everything into a tote bag rather than struggling with several shopping bags.

3. Sunscreen and Sunburn Lotion

It puts the lotion on its skin or it’s cruise is ruined again. Too dark? Well, keep in mind that suntan lotion and after sun care lotion is extremely expensive on the ship. Bring some with you, save that cash for other things, and don’t have your cruise ruining by sunburn.

4. Your own Toiletries…of course.

This one always seems like a “no-brainer”, but you’d be surprised how many folks forget their razors, tooth brushes, and the like. While most cruise ships provide shampoo, conditioner, and soaps, they do not provide for you toofies and if you have to buy said items on the ship, you’re going spend about 3 times as much. Bring em from home.

5. Meds, Pain Relievers, Motion Sickness meds, and a few Bandaids:

Put together a little first aid kit for the cruise. Fill it with prescription meds, Pain Relievers, and don’t forget the dramamine or motion sickness med of your choice. Need some ideas, check out this video by this person below:


6. Appropriate Cameras or Phone Case:

There’s chance you’re gonna want to take some pics for your insta or Facebook page. Bring a camera, but make sure you can protect that thing from the elements…like water. Snorkeling with your i-phone without a water proof case is a terrible idea. Get a cheap knock off Gopro that’s waterproof, or some other underwater camera.

7.  Some folding Money

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

If you’re going ashore, plan on doing shore excursions, or want extra fast attention from your bartenders, you might wanna use some cash. It’s not only customary to tip your tour guides, bus drivers, waiters, and whoever else that may help you on shore, it gets you extra treatment sometimes. Plus, you don’t have to sweat the additional card fees that some international travel may bring your way.

8. Portable Phone Charger…or backup battery.

Depending on your ship’s itinerary, you may not have access to a place to charge your phone. Be sure to be prepared and bring a portable with you…that way, you don’t end up in a foreign land without a way to communicate, take pics, or update your status on social media.

9. Power Strip…but without surge protection.

Plugin space is limited in most cruise cabins, so we always suggest bringing along a little power strip…especially if you’re charging cameras, multiple phones, tables, laptops, or anything else for that matter. But keep in mind, most cruise lines do not allow power strips with surge protectors. You can get one on Amazon for around $16. I personally own this one 

So, there ya go. While this may not be the endall and be all to what you want to bring, these are definitely the basics…and a good list to ensure that you’re living your best cruise life while on vacation. Have fun, and happy cruising from us here at Travel Ever After. Did we miss something on our list? Shoot us email to let us know your ideas. 

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Featured Photo by Angelina Litvin